Key Details

Proposed IDS Workshop

Oilfields Supply Center Ltd

Jasaf Building Technology Co L.L.C

Dubai, UAE


The design and construction of a magnetic calibration laboratory in UAE for carrying out calibration of highly sensitive magnetic oilfield equipment came with some unique challenges. Calibration is performed in temperatures ranging from 25-200C with precise measurements easily influenced by local magnetic and gravitational fields.

Calibration of the equipment used is highly sensitive to any presence of magnetic or ferrous material so needed to be completely eliminated. Steps to eliminate any materials such as iron and steel included:

  • Testing the soil for any conductive materials like iron or metal within a 20-meter radius and 1.5-meter depth. The soil was replaced where necessary.
  • Ensuring all light fittings, switches and any other additions to the building were made from non-magnetic and non-ferrous materials.
  • Reinforcing the building with GFRP rebar and ensure no steel was used.

Mateenbar provided a non-metallic, non-magnetic reinforcement alternative to steel.